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Bellingham Marine Repair’s expert maintenance and installation services cover your boat from the keel up. We offer competitive rates and free consultations. Contact us today.


Bow Thrusters

Bellingham Marine Repair has been installing bow thrusters since 1985. Call us to find out how adding a bow or stern thruster can make docking worry-free. See Vetus Bow Thrusters in action by clicking on the button below.



Modern watermakers are simple to use and can convert 400+ gallons of saltwater into fresh water per day.

Most boats do not hold a lot of fresh water and often it is difficult to locate a reliable source of fresh water at some island ports of call. A watermaker takes the worries out of running out of fresh water. There are many sizes of water makers to fit both large and small boats.  Contact Bellingham Marine Repair to find out which one would be the best fit for your boat and usage.