The following is a testimonial to Bellingham Marine Repair’s excellent service and skill.


“What Bellingham Marine Repair achieved was miraculous.”

A rescue story…

“I came to Gordon with no boating experience, no truck, and my Grandpa’s boat that had been sitting outside on an an island for twelve years (with a broken front window). He came to inspect the boat for free and cheerfully hauled it to Bellingham Marine Repair’s facility… Knowing that I was on a tight budget, Gordon and Clark took the time to locate quality used parts. What BMR achieved was miraculous - before I knew it, I was exploring the San Juan Islands for the first time on a boat that had been practically written off. I couldn’t recommend them enough. They were honest and patient with me and brought my boat back from the dead. The experiences I’ve had on it with my family and friends over the past three years have been priceless.” - Colin, boat owner


The boat had been sitting outside, neglected and exposed for twelve years.


Bellingham Marine Repair brought the boat back to life.